APRIL 19 2021

Billings, Montana

RASE Safety Assistance, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Billings, Montana, is pleased to announce that its application for non-profit status has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service. The appointment makes RASE Safety Assistance, Inc. an authorized entity under Internal Revenue Service Code section 501(c)(3).

A number of non-profit organizations exist to help injured riders AFTER THE INJURY OCCURS, including the well-known Rookies of '79. The founder of RASE Safety Assistance, Inc., Michael J. Marsh, has been involved through his travel promotion and racing company Recreational Action Sports Entertainment, LLC for years with the Rookies organization, which has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in support to injured riders and their families. Michael also serves on the board of Rookies of '79.

Mr. Marsh and his family formed RASE Safety Assistance, Inc. in 2021 to assist athletes BEFORE INJURIES OCCUR. We help athletes avoid or minimize injuries by supplying them with support for and access to the best safety equipment available.

As an approved 501(c)(3), RASE Safety Assistance, Inc. is now authorized to accept tax deductible donations. Please send your check, money order or safety equipment donation to:

  • Michael J. Marsh
  • RASE Safety Assistance, Inc.
  • 1304 16th ST West
  • Billings, MT 59102

Thank you to everyone for assistance in the formation of Safety Assistance and helping us get the right safety equipment out to our beloved athletes.

The small print:

Please note in your letter if you would like or need a donation receipt We will get documentation to you as quickly as possible.

Charitable donations that are deemed tax deductible are specific to each individual situation. Please consult your tax professional.